Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Here comes a new visual novel!

This visual novel is more of a stupid comedy I wrote to break free from a bad case of writer's block.
Buff McManly is a jerk. He is mean to anyone and everyone, and will chase anything in a skirt, so what happens when he decides to throw an audition for random free-to-use characters? Laugh alongside him as he crushes the spirits of those who would try to impress him, give him odd looks as he makes questionable decisions, and nod your head in approval as he faces off against adversaries that would dare stand in his path of offensiveness!


6500 words.


  1. I liked this one, I saved it from a thread on jaypee long ago, but just recently read it in one sit. I picked the broken char to win of course

  2. Already downloaded and read it in one day, couldn't stop laughing.
    I didn't even know there existed vnovels like this, great work I liked it very much ^^!